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Michelle Perez Patel and Gabe Baradi, co-founders of SatisFIND, address the need of the hour through a learning series called the REBOOT program.
Equipped with 35 years combined experience in enhancing customer satisfaction and delivering consistent delight, they address the growing concerns relating to restarting business operations, and getting back on track. 


In preparing for Day ONE of reopening our stores, restaurants, hotels and offices, we need to work through feelings of anxiety and grief, and find hope as a team and as a company. With REBOOT, we will take you through lessons that will focus on ways to improve Services, Sales and Leadership. 

REBOOT in the context of the service industry signifies:

  • Surviving 
  • Communicating 
  • Learning 
  • Planning 
  • Rebuilding 

Our Courses


Season 1 


Season 2 


Season 3 

Meet your REBOOT Coaches

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SatisFIND is the world's first Trust Experience Management™ Platform, powered by real customers, enabling better business performance at the frontline. SatisFIND created the ‘Trust Experience’, where customers and frontliners feel safe in the environment, there is care from excellent customer service, and sincere desire from empowered frontliners to help customers find value from the brand.

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